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Who We Are

At Martinez Social Club Dancehall, we are dedicated towards providing the best classic country music experience for our dancers. 

We host a classic country dance every Friday from 8-11:30pm, Sunday from 3-6:30pm, and on Wednesday from 7:30-10:30pm.  

We also have occasional special dances on Saturdays from 8-11:30pm, so stay tuned to our Facebook page, join our email list, or come in to receive the latest event schedule! 

We are a Family Friendly Venue, so people of all ages are welcome. There is a $10 Door charge for all guests 13 & up, unless otherwise posted. 

Outside Snacks & Drinks are not permitted unless approved by management. Please email or call us for information. 

We sell Beer, Wine-Coolers, Soda, Water, Tea, etc. We do not sell hard liquor. 

Prices During Regular Dances: (During Private Events, all Beer is $2.50)

Beer: $2.00 Domestic / $2.50 Imported / $2.50 (Wine Coolers)

Soda: $1.00

Water: $1.00 (Bottled) / $1.50 (Pitcher)

Ice: $2.50 (Bucket Setup)